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Unlocking the Mystery of Immunity: A Chiropractor's Journey and Insights

Conjoined twins by the hip

I’ve been a chiropractor for coming up 19 years now. Before I saw a chiropractor, I was frequently sick and on anti-biotics with the typical associated digestive disturbances with destroying your good intestinal microbiome. This changed with being adjusted, learning about the chiropractic philosophy of how our body is self-healing and self-regulating and designed to be the best it can be so long is there is no interference with our innate healing ability, as well as adopting healthier lifestyle habits. There’s never a magic bullet, and the health jigsaw is made up of many pieces. And the choices you make either help or hinder your ability to stay active, healthy, independent and pain free. I could adjust someone several times a day, but if they eat 20 pieces of KFC, smoke packets of cigarettes a day, get though a box of Coke, drink 1125 mls of Vodka every night, and hate their job and relationship, their lifestyle is breaking their body down faster than it can heal.

Chiropractic and its effect on immunity is fascinating. Something I’ve noticed over the years is clients commenting they just don’t get sick like they did before care. And if they do, they recover much faster. Over the last couple of years, clients frequently comment about the number of co-workers absent from work due to sickness, yet they don’t get sick themselves. Something else I find fascinating is this is happening in summer too – a time when traditionally people don’t get sick (not due to a lack of germs but due to higher vitamin D levels from sunlight and its immune boosting effect).

When it comes to our health, there’s a common belief that we always get sick because of germs. This started with Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory. But germs are everywhere, so why do some people get sick and not others? Let’s look at the story of the Russian co-joined twins Masha and Dasha. Masha and Dasha Krivoshiyapova were born January 4th, 1950, as conjoined twins. They were joined at the hip in a unique way which made surgical separation impossible. Their unique connection included three legs shared between them, a shared single lower intestine, four kidneys utilized by one bladder, one shared reproductive system and a circulatory system that pumped the same blood through both women’s bodies.

This unique connection caught the attention of Russian scientists. Two individuals with shared blood, environment, nutrition, exercise and genetics created a living experiment. Masha and Dasha spent 40 years in an institution where scientists did experimentation on them, sometimes horrific. The medical practitioners were baffled at the way each woman’s body handled disease. Neither twin would be sick at the same time! In fact, Dasha seemed far more vulnerable to illness than her sister. How is it possible that their health was so different? Being conjoined meant they experienced the same environment, they breathed the same air, and drank the same water, and they shared the same nutrition, sleeping, and exercise habits. If their blood was the same, why was it that when Dasha got the flu, Masha got sick much later, or not at all? Why was it that they contracted childhood diseases at different times?

Medical doctors were confused. When the bacteria or virus was present in both women, why would Dasha get sick and Masha not? The solution to this mystery is that the twins had two totally separate neurological systems. Our nervous systems are intimately connected to our immune system.

It’s not the micro-organism that causes our illness; it’s the inability of our nervous system to properly direct our immune system. The health of our nervous system and the ability of our nervous system to maintain a properly functioning body is the key to our wellness. We get sick when our nervous system is run down. When the stress to our nervous system and spine interfere with the function of our nerve system, we become susceptible to infection. The exposure to germs has little to do with getting sick. The Masha-Dasha story is a good example of this fact. Masha’s nerve system was able to deal with stress better than Dasha and therefore Masha got sick less often or not as severe.

Wellness Chiropractic focuses on optimizing ones nervous system and therefore your overall health and well-being, and thus one resilience to whatever challenges life throws your way.

Wishing everyone a sage and enjoyable Easter Break.

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