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Hamilton Chiropractor Rejuvenates Your Life

Experience Peak Health at Essential Family Chiropractic

Hamilton Chiropractor Dr David Smith takes a holistic look at your health, increasing your overall wellness so that you can enjoy a more active life. Essential Family Chiropractic provides healthcare for multiple generations of families who love the results they get!

Promoting the Health of Hamilton Families

Our mission is to help happy families and individuals have the highest possible quality of life and wellbeing.
Rather than focusing on sickness and disease, we promote proactive healthcare so that you don’t need to
experience injury and illness. We recognise that health is about more than just feeling good, and
work with you to achieve your individual goals.

Aligning, Nourishing and Enhancing

We seek to align your body, nourish your mind and enhance your health so that you and your family
can live the life you want, fulfilling your greatest capabilities.

Our safe, gentle and effective approach will give you relief, hope and the means of making positive changes in your life. We frequently hear from our patients that chiropractic gives them the opportunity to continue getting older, but in the process,
to feel younger. Ask yourself: what have you got to lose?

We’re happy to offer area groups and organisations health talks or wellness screenings. Contact us today
to find out more or to book your time with our team! We offer off-street parking and late hours.