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Welcome to Essential Family Chiropractic
– Your Hamilton Chiropractor

Assisting You to Achieve the Highest Quality of Life

Welcome to Essential Family Chiropractic. Our mission is to “to assist happy, pro-active families and individuals to have the highest possible, quality of life, health and well-being” possible.

Can Our Chiropractic Care Help You?

  • Are you interested in safe, gentle and natural alternatives that promote and enhance your wellbeing?
  • Is your health & lifestyle important to you?
  • Do you want minimise/avoid drugs, medications and surgery?
  • Do you want to sleep better & have more energy?

Our Practice is Friendly and Family Focused

We want you to feel relaxed, welcome and cared for. We aim to educate so you can make informed decisions that are of benefit to you. At Essential Family Chiropractic, we’ve created an environment to meet everyone’s needs. We see all ages, from new-born babies and children through to more mature clients.

We looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals naturally. Contact our Hamilton office today on 07 839 6707 to get started.

Dr David Smith | Hamilton Chiropractor